Mid-Career Professional Resume Sample

You know you've reached the midpoint of your professional career when it's been about ten to 25 years since you entered the workforce. An average professional career lasts anywhere from 35 to 40 years, which means at this point you are about halfway.

You may be considering making a career move. You've been in the workforce (whether at one job/company or many) for more than ten years now, so maybe you're itching for something new. Maybe you want a growth opportunity in your current field. Or maybe you're interested in an entirely new industry. Either way, your resume is the tool that's going to showcase what you've learned and accomplished up to this point, and it should do so in a way that's beneficial to hiring managers.

For those in need of a proper mid-career resume, it's important to understand the components that hiring managers look for and appreciate. Use the mid-career professional resume sample below for a better idea of what your own resume should look like before you submit a job application.

Marketing Manager Resume Sample Marketing Manager Resume Sample

Why is this Mid-Career Professional Resume Sample Successful?

The resume sample shown above works because:

  • The skills are easy to find.
    At the mid-point in your career, you have many skills to offer. The skills area can provide searchable key industry words for applicant tracking systems (ATS) and search engines and yet only one or two resumes show skills or include a skills area that lists specific skills for the position.
  • It uses quantitative language.
    Not only are numbers concise and easy to digest, the human mind naturally responds better to numbers compared to words. Rather than using words to describe your achievements, use numbers and symbols when creating a resume.
  • Important information is widespread.
    Even if your information is in bullet format, it may still be difficult to quickly identify the pertinent skills and accomplishments that are important to the potential employer. If a bullet contains keywords and examples that directly align with the possible opportunity, then draw attention to this detail.
  • It's all about the audience.
    It's easy to talk about your strengths, skills, and past accomplishments, but how does that benefit the company you're applying to? Your resume should show how you positively impacted your previous employers, whether through company growth, profit margin increases, employee retention rates or other successes –not just list your job duties.

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